Mercedes-Benz Club of America

Legends of the Autobahn 2020

Enter your Mercedes-Benz at Legends of the Autobahn!  MBCA members are invited to enter their car in the judged Concours, the Silver Star Preservation Class, or the display-only corral.

Judged Concours: All Mercedes-Benz models from 1999 and older are welcome in the eight judged Concours classes. Vehicles will compete for Best in Class, Best of Marque, along with People’s Choice and other special awards. A $95 registration fee applies to cars in the Concours classes.

  • Class 1: 1886-1962 Vintage Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
  • Class 2: 1886-1959 Vintage Sedans, Coupes
  • Class 3: 1963-1971 Classic Cabriolet, Coupe, Roadster
  • Class 4: 1960-1971 Classic Sedan and Station Wagon
  • Class 5: 1972-1999 Modern Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
  • Class 6: 1972-1999 Modern Coupe, Sedan and Station Wagon
  • Class 7: Modified Mercedes-Benz
  • Class 8: 30 Years of the R129 1990-2002
  • Class 9: 125 Years of Motorsport. Open to all AMG and other motorsport inspired chassis of all ages. (Not a judged concourse class. Chairman awards for this class will be given.)

Display-only Corral: Mercedes-Benz models of all ages are welcome in Corral. The three car clubs will have separate Concours judging, but the corral area will combine all three marques.

Silver Star Preservation: This special class is for members who want to show their well-preserved, largely original, and unrestored-since-new Mercedes-Benz on the Concours field, but not have it judged. To enter this class, your car must be 25 or more years old, be in good working order, driven to this event under its own power, and be largely original (including engine and drivetrain). Partial refurbishments of various components are acceptable, but not complete restorations (those should register in a judged class 1-7).  An MBCA judge will evaluate the vehicle, and after it is certified, the owner will receive a special Silver Star Certificate in recognition of the preservation of originality and maintenance of functionality.