Each participating marque specifies the classes for the judged and display concours. If you have any questions about classes, please contact the appropriate club.

Note: 2019 Classes listed. Subject to change.

Click the tab for the make of your vehicle to view the classes.

  • Four Rings Classic Historic – Audi (1995 and earlier), DKW, NSU, Wanderer, and Horch,
  • Audi Sports – R8, TT, and A-5, 2-door cars, including all S models (not RS variants}.
  • Audi Sedan – all newer 4-door sedans and Q cars including all A, S models (not RS variants).
  • Audi Modified for performance – all substantially modified Audi cars. Substantially modified means cars that have been modified, for performance, in both major car component areas:
    1. engine and drive train
    2. suspension/braking systems

    Modified class note: Cosmetic modifications do not count for this class. Qualifying modifications must increase performance in order to qualify for this class (e.g. changing brake pads alone does not qualify for a suspension/brake system modification, but high-performance rotors and pads would qualify an entrant in category 2.

  • Audi RS – All RS model cars
Open classes: Open to ANY model of BMW and ANY Year
Clean Class: Limited to EXTERIOR of the vehicle only, including wheels and tires.
Super Clean Class: Limited to the EXTERIOR AND INTERIOR AND TRUNK of the vehicle.
Concours Class: The ENTIRE vehicle is judged, including engine compartment and under-carriage, suspension, and drivetrain.
Special classes: There are six classes (original and modified in same class!)
All special classes will be judged using the above CONCOURS criteria.
2002 Class: Open to any “new class” 02 models including, 2002, tii, ti, touring etc.
E9/Coupe Class: Open to any e9 type coupe models including, 2000cs, 3.0cs, csi, csl.
M Class: Open to any “M” car, any model, any year.
Vintage Class: All pre-war and post-war models 1923-1963, Isettas, 700’s & all ‘Neue Klasse’ sedans.
Preservation >30 years old


BMWCCA Concours Tuner Category

Class Summary – Built NOT Bought

The Tuner Class is a new class intended for owners to show their enthusiasm of the BMW marque through customization and personalization. Judging emphasis will be on owner created designs / efforts and owner’s individual fabrication.  In a word, acknowledging an individual owner’s creativity, execution and fabrication quality, while carrying a consistent theme.  In a word, cars that have been “built” with the owners personal touch, not “bought”.

Owners are encouraged to share stories or narrative describing the build of the car with the judges. Scoring emphasis will not be on dealer installed options or simple over the counter parts installations. Simple window tinting, vinyl wraps, wheel packages will score poorly in this competition.
Open to all modified BMW’s (no restriction on series, class, or year).  However, all entries must be BMW-based cars, originally provided with a BMW VIN Code. This includes;

Tribute Cars
Theme Cars
Drift Cars
Track Cars
Race Cars

The Preservation Class will be for unrestored BMWs built at least 30 years before the year of the competition. The criteria will be authenticity & originality, provenance, condition and cleanliness.


7:00AM to 8:00AM Judged cars placed on the field

8:00AM to 9:00AM Display cars placed on the field

Class 1: 1886-1962 Vintage Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
Class 2: 1886-1959 Vintage Sedans, Coupes
Class 3: 1963-1971 Classic Cabriolet, Coupe, Roadster
Class 4: 1960-1971 Classic Sedan and Station Wagon
Class 5: 1972-1998 Modern Cabriolet, Convertible, Roadster
Class 6: 1972-1998 Modern Coupe, Sedan and Station Wagon
Class 7: Modified Mercedes-Benz
Class 8: 35 Years of the W201: 1983-1992